DOS MultiTasking Extender
elecv2 can be used as a multi-tasking extender in DOS for INTEL/AMD/CYRIX 32 bits CPUs.
- It uses cpu's TSSs (TaskStateSegment) to do that.
- Tasks are schedueled using PIT (Programable Timer Interrupt).
- It suports V86 threads, 16/32bit protected mode threads, RealMode callbacks.
- I also have a Partition Table and FAT(12/16/32 LongNames) driver with low level IDE subrutines (in PIO mode)
- low level subrutines DMA, PIC, CMOS RTC, PIT
- FPU/SSE instruction interrupts
- You have the opurtunity to use hardware at maximum potential
- There is also a driver for PCI bus (and optionaly for PCI BIOS)
- USB UHCI (OHCI) driver is under development
- SB - well sound blaster is up to you ! Depends on hardware on which is ran the extender .... Anyway simple SB rutines are implemented.
- Video Direct Frame Buffer - VESA modes, but graphics routines are up to you
- All hardware is in programmer's hands
- Pageing, memory allocation breafly implemented (well I preffer GDTs and LDTs rather than using pages). - System Management State - not yet complete
- for X86_64 - not yet implemented -well in x86_64 you can't use : V86, and 16bit protected mode code and you must firtst enable pageing (your never allowed to disable it in x64 or ia32emu)

Made in Romania, EU