Livestats Server/Library

latest version: 3.8sSLU-#DBRHmupfcb
Version Flags :
[s]=stable (no leaks, fully threaded, fully restartable)
[S]=secure SSL: TLSv1
[U]=update protocol
[-]=no timeout
[#]=no thread limit
[H]=HTTP protocol
[m]=multiple HTTP domains
[u]=unlimited size file
[p]=multiple platforms (win32|linux32/64|android32|MacOSX64)
[f]=file tools

Currently this project is not under GNU license nor it is open-source.
I'm working on bringing a free version for download - it might take some time ...
It is written in C++ and can be compiled for Windows, Linux, Android and MacOS, for both 32bit and 64bit.
It is a multi-threaded indexed-route driven request handler.
It has been heavily tested against memory leaks, classic exploits.