[Distributed] Decision Tree Evaluator

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DecisionTreeEvaluator Classes
MAIN program
LISTID, ELEMENT : double linked lists templates {file=oop_project.cpp}
INDEXED : cached variable holder {file=indexed.h}
NETSERVER, NETCLIENT, NETCHAT : net multi purporse, multi-client, multi-threaded server/client classes and a chat application class
EXX, CARPET_EXPR : math expression parser,can deal with variables too {file=expr_.parser.h}
CACHE_CLASS, READER_CLASS, FILESYSTEM_CLASS, DRIVES_CLASS, FAT32_CLASS, ISO9660_CLASS, FSTYPE_CLASS, MBR_CLASS: filesystem classes, support for fat32, iso9660,ext2 ....
GRAPH, MATRIXES, DIJKSTRA : graph support including floyd, warshall, dijkstra and so on ... {file=graph_algo.h}
HUFFMAN : Huffman encoding/decoding etc
EASY.H : windows32 console functions,TIME STAMP COUNTER reader, etc...
AI_SUPPORT : artificial intelligence classes stuff

Made in Romania, EU