ImageSplinter Ver.1.24 . Gnupyright (G) 1996 -2010, AlphaX (R) Corp.
Program written by: Mihai Barboi, Romania

Released freely for everybody ONLY for NON_CRIMINAL purposes,
(AND) under GNU GPL License,(AND) only if you agree The International Decalaration Of Human Rights.
Please take care of your security, but don't get paranoic !

This program isn't containing any worm or spyware by default,
but it can get infected so use ANTIVIRUS to be sure !

Compiler (FBC) and GUI (FbEdit) and documentation (WIN32.HLP) were free, so is this program !
Get prepared for the next free thing to come : EE !

ImageSplinter is a program for 'devideing' a set of images into smaller pieaces.
Also it can create images from a text file and more.

Some stuff is done using IrfanView (Copyright, 1996-2000, Irfan Skijlan)
Internal JPEG ENC/DEC algohorithm ported from Cristian Cuturicu docs @ WOTSIT.
External JPEG ENC/DEC algo : JPEG Library - Copyright (C) 1991-1998, Thomas G. Lane. -The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software

imagesplinter [/h | /help | -h | --help] [/config | -config | --config | /gui | -gui | --gui] [/configwin] [/texttoimg | /txt | -txt | --txt filename] [/askdir | -askdir | --askdir [directory]] [/restoredefaultsetting | /restore | --restore] [/window] [/remove] directory

Last version (1.24) has some fixes for WinNT (specially XP) ... and also a configuration
gui for DOS/LINUX. Still it's best compatibility is with win98se ...

Made in Romania, EU