Pacman 2 - new PACMAN with new levels

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IMPORTANT NOTE:This is a remix after the original PACMAN - wrote by: J. Rowan, remastered by O.Arzalier
The idea of a remix came from Shmen in 2000.

Guide to the secret map of level 2

Secret Level 2

Volume 2: Level 3

Version 2.1 : Volume 2 - CubicWorld and Volume 1 - 2D World Prison
- Story got refined ... ! With each level you solve a part of Pacman & Pacwoman history ...
- After you completing first volume (2D World Prison, which has 9 levels) you'll get inside of the semi-3d volume 2 - CubicWorld... and by completing it you'll release Pacwoman and together you'll have to escape from Pacmad's cells in volume 3.
- Volume 3 - (surprise name) will be released in version 3.01 of pacman2.
- The new version has more themes and new you can edit also world 2 maps.
- Game is using even less CPU resources then last version (average max 10%)!
- New sounds, more new maps, new look - cubicworld, storyboard before&after each level, surpise scenes(like the one after finnishing level 8 -volume 1) ...
- One note: KitsBas wants money for his songs so there's going to be three versions of the game:
  • For everybody: completly free, fully functional game BUT less music or NOT AT ALL !
  • For buyers: full version with all the music
  • For me and my friends (sorry fellows but thats life :) ): the whole damn game plus more than 100s of original KitzBas melodies, other helping sources ...

    KitzBas is not willing any longer to provide his hard-worked music unless he receives money.
    But the game will be fully operational with all the features and of course open source.
    Note: If you want to buy music please send email @ :

    - Version 1.3 has new levels, but you can also build your own !
    - KitzBas provided some of its own-original-techno-music !
    - If any body is willing to give help or send new images for Pacman/robots, please contact me at :

    PACMAN 2 - pacman with new levels and new graphiX just for you
    Gnupyright (G) 1996-2011, AlphaX (R) Team
    For license please read "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" & GPL V2...
    Programmed by Mihai Barboi (aka Zdupy), Romania, Eu
    Music by Alex Botez (aka KitzBas), Ro, Eu
    Bug testers : Aethry (aka Andrei) & Ioana2sagwa (aka Ioana)
    Thanks to : OCW.MIT.EDU, ICHB, SC24

    Special thanks : Matei Valeanu, Shmen, KitzBas, Acdejay, AlexT, Avatar, MasterAdy, TheBoss, Aris, Marius, Manucu',Burbelica & many more ...
    Also many thanks to the FreeBASIC32 compiler/FBEDIT teams and to the rest of FB32 programmers !
    Thanks to : nkk_kan[at]yahoo[dot]com for fmod.dll idea ... which i'm using too (I also learned some stuff from Explode sources (how to play samples with FMOD library)

    Zdupy : (I'll be glad to receive emails !)
    Web Page :

    FreeBASIC(R) homepage :
    FbEdit(R) - cool editor : has got AUTO-COMPLETE (force autocomplete :CTRL+SPACE), syntax highlighting and all other cool things that makes programmer's life more easy and "productive" (see freebasic's web page for more details)
    Gimp(R) : Generally provided with any(most) of the Linux Distribution(s) : cool GPL software for creating images with special effects (simillar to,but yet different from Adobe's PhotoSbop(R))

    Game originally wrote by: J. Rowen
    PACMAN VER1.1 re-wrote by: O.Arzalier
    First to have the idea to remake Pacman during 2000 was Shmen [see:]

    Game's engine uses : FMOD.DLL external library -for playing music and potentially for sounds(&stuff).
    FMOD Sound and Music System : Copyright (C) 1994-2005, Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd.

    cool stuff, algorithms & etc inside this game (everything done by me...):
    - Shortest Path Finder
    - linear sorting algorightm (radix sort)
    - exploring regular directories as ext2 dirs
    - original music from KitzBas
    - hand optimized : only 2(two) multiplications and only in case of random move (once each time iq-path-length is reached) (don't know about fb's radom algorithm for rnd() ... and about other fb procedures)
    - game engine was designed to be power efficient. This game can probably be played on 386-33Mhz machines with 4MB of RAM)

    Play the game to win the final prise; see by yourself !

    It can be compiled for Win32, Linux and DOS(uses DOS's CWSDPMI)
    Compiling PacMan2 :
    A) Windows32 (Win9x,WinNT x.x) : get&install FreeBASIC32 compiler for win32
    B) Linux : get FreeBasic32 Compiler for Linux (0.20.0,0.21.0,0.21.1)
    C) DOS : get FreeBasic32 Compiler for DOS (0.20.0,0.21.0,0.21.1)

    RUN : fbc -w 3 -v -arch 686 -t 3000 pacman2.bas pacman2.rc
    ! ! !
    NOTE : you will need an IBM 686/Cyrix MX2/Intel P6,PentiumPro/AMD K6 machine to compile it as it is !
    For older machines (586,486,386) enable the following :
    #define older_machine386_486_586

    TroubleShooting PacMan2 :
    Q: My LCD/monitor/video card does not support default resolution/bitsperpixel !
    S: 1) Try different resolutions and bpps until you find a corect one !
    You can specify this at command line or edit pacman2.ini - config file
    E.g.: pacman2 /video_mode 17 /bpp 16
    ^= starts pacman2 in mode 17(640x400x16bitsperpixel)
    pacman2 /video_mode 19 /bpp 32
    ^= mode 19 : 800x600x32bitsperpixel
    pacman2 /video_mode 18 /bpp 8
    ^= mode 18 : 640x480x8bitsperpixel
    2) You can try to run it in window mode -Win32/Linux.
    E.g.: pacman2 /no_fullscreen
    pacman2 /window

    Q: Pacman2 game's speed is to high/low !
    S: 1) In main menu go to : SETUP ; than "Game Speed" ; enter a higher number (in miliseconds)
    or enter a smaller number !
    2) Inside the game : press [CTRL+S] ; then select "Game Speed" ; adjust sleeping time (miliseconds)

    NOTE : sleeping time is the time interval in miliseconds, between two frames, during which the game spleep or better said - gives control to kernel.

    Q: I'm running the DOS version of PacMan2 and when I try to adjust the speed
    the games goes either to fast or either to slow !
    S: Ups ! that's because SLEEP function is not well calibrated in DOS for values between 12ms downto 1ms (this interveal my vary for different PCs)
    1) If you have a 686 or better you need to specify this at the command line :
    pacman2 /speedcompromise
    2) use Win32/Linux versions. SLEEP is well calibrated for this platforms.

    Known Bug/Unknown problem : under dos if you are using --speedcompromise option
    system might reboot (probably because of to much RDTSC repetitive usage ...)
    Solution : next (DOS) version will use timer interupts for delays (instead of SLEEP and/or RDTSC)
    (any way RDTSC seems the most accurate solution, but I don't know way reading it to many times at once can produce System Reboot ! (???))
    To do:-add personalized settings for each level map (like border color and sruff)
    -multiple images for map blocks; each image is displayed after a period of time ->slide ->animation
    -maybe: smart map entries (like doors that automatically open or which oscillate etc) -> it would become supaplex which is not actually my intent ...

    ---------------------- Filename -------------------
    Pacman Characters(robots) Filename list :
    #0: pacman :"pac"
    #1: "red"
    #2: "blue"
    #3: "green"
    #4: "gray"
    #5: "orange"
    #7: "violet"
    #7 upto #19 : "robo"+Trim(Str(#number17_to_19))

    --> Pacman Robots Filename Details <--

    positon = "u" for up ; "d" for down ; "l" for left ; "r" for right
    string_enemy_name + position + trim(str(#frame_number_0_to_7))+".bmp"

    Details : there are 8 images per one unit position change (as default a "box" has size 16px=> 1x image/2px change)

    Pacman Map's Blocks Filename : ThemeMask+sign+str(abs(#id_number))+".bmp"
    \ sign="" for positive id number ELSE sign="m" (m from (M)INUS)
    ThemeMask = "pacmap_i" for default. it can be specified inside of the map file.
    TIP: to change ThemeFilenameMask use Pacman2->Map Editor->key 'F5'
    Pacman Data Files For Level : "pacman"+trim(str(#level_number)+".dat"

    Volume 1: Level 8 - 2D World Castle

    Volume 2: Level 1

    Made in Romania, EU