RemotePC is a useful tool which enables the user to pass commands through the audio system.
The commands are parsed and executed by remotepc.
The commands are modulated on any kind of audio frequency.
The encodeing process is as follows:
- bit '1' is an average high amplitude : Amplitude(1)>Amplitude(smallest max value)
- bit '0' is an average low amplitude but greater than 0 :
0 / Amp(0) / Amp(greatest min value)/Amp(smallest max value)/Amp(1)

As about commands, they are encodeed like this:
syntax : $$$command_string_and_parameters.$$$"
e.g.: $$$exit.$$$ /// $$$eject.$$$
The intended purpose of this application is to provide a way to send commands to computer and to receive data to a STORAGE (general USB Stick, or a mini MP4 Digitl Player, etc)

RemotePC :
-can make snapshots of DESKTOP or any application....
-can open web pages and store them to your MP4 as Images
-can spell texts
-can be used to edit texts
-can compile FreeBasic programs(that you entered them throught audio) and run them for you
-can generate mouse events
-can do anything you program him to do
-has a way to use plugins created by you in any language (and exported into a DLL)
-can execute SHELL commands
-can be used as a audio MODEM
-is very resource free and dosn't use may CPU cycles at all
-is the perfect way to navigate on your PC while somebody else is working on it
this is like two brothers want to stay on the PC but only one PC ! So here is the key !

This program contains some encrypting algohorithm not visible to user.

The future version will include WEBCAM text reader (which is under development)!
The WEBCAM text reader will enable you to write text on a paper and than store it to your PC easyly (you can edit programs, or send commands to your PC)
In the future an ASR will be included (Automatic Speeck Recognizer). This will enable you to send voice commands and to write texts by spelling them....
In the future version an WEBCAM processor for walking/moveing will be added which will enable user to user this program for automated robots and stuff like that...
In the next verision the audio modem should be ready for use .... This will enable you to connect to another PC through an audio connection (like phone, mobile phone, Talky Walky TX/RX,GW, ENTAG. ...)

RemotePC will get more accesible for people with great dissabilities.
Detaild help in remotepc.hlp

Made in Romania, EU