SndRecMore is a fast -on disk- long, large,huge file wave recorder / editor.
SndRecMore is something very necessary if you wish to record without stoping every 60 seconds when using Windows's Sound Recorder !
It can record using any sample rate :e.g 8000, 11025, 12000,16000,22050,24000,32000,44100,48000
It can record mono or stereo (1 channel or 2 channels)
It can record 8bit, 16bit samples or even more if you soundcard supports more !

It has fast spectrometer .... and a compresion tool that compresses extreamlly (but with low quallity ).... !
*) the compressor is only good for voice and losses almost all other sounds (can't be used for music).
*) the compressed sample contains only the primary wave ("purtatoarea"),
*) the resulting compressed sample is just good to feed an ASR (Audio Speach Recognizer)
*) compressor CPU usage : (samplerrate*channels*(bitspersample div 8))*3 /// linear speed function

SndRecMore can execute from console different tasks:
  • convert a file from a format to another
  • copy some selection from a file to an empty one
  • display information about wave file
  • insert a wave stream from a file to another file (includes auto-format-convert)
  • record from wavein in different formats

    SndRecMore contains a gui for editing very large wave files on disk. It can:
  • increase volume by multiply coefficient
  • decrease volume by division coefficient
  • delete mouse selection
  • insert stream from a wave file (auto-format-convert)
  • save mouse selection to a file
  • mix with a stream from a wave file (auto-format-convert) (mathematical addition of signed integers)
  • mix with a tone (sinosoidal wave - defined by frequency and amplitude)
  • display specific information about wave file
  • "walk" through wave file, "zoomed" osciloscope, play one second or only selected stream
  • do frequency analysis, display and play compressed stream

    Note: ON DISK means that any changes you do to it is immediatly written irrevesible to file !
    So before editing please consider one of this options:
  • backup original file (or use a copy of it)
  • OR - if file is to big and you can't make a copy- proceed with extream care when editing.

    SndRecMore doesn't use WAVEFILTER which would enable you to convert to non-PCM formats ....
    For this purpose you still need to use Window's SndRec32.exe.
    It the future versions I plan to introduce also wavefilters .....

  • Made in Romania, EU