USBebe is a baby USB UHCI driver ... It's under hard development ...
USBebe can:
  • search for a PCI compatible USB Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI) ...
  • setup PCI chip and makeing it run
  • setup frames, transfer descriptors, queue heads, buffers, interrupt procedures needed for data/control transport mechanism
    The future release will contain
  • a SCSI command frame driver and an USB specific transport mechanism driver for Bulk Mass Storage devices
    like: USB flash disks, SD cards readers, USB hard-drives/cd/dvd/floppy-drives
  • Still Image Capture interface (Usb Video Interface) for web cams/scanners
  • maybe some standard staff for standard USB printers
  • maybe OHCI (open host controller interface) driver ... (I had a SIS motherboard that had an OHCI chip but unfurtunatly during a powerful storm I had
    one of that kind of accident that I was never thinking that it would be possible to happen to me !)
  • all the things/thinks that I can implement ...(but trust me writeing USB drivers it's not all that easy .. but not all that hard !

  • Made in Romania, EU